Analysis of the NYS Budget Agreement Regarding Early Care Education

April 2, 2011
By Kate Breslin, President and CEO, Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (SCAA)

The Governor and Legislative leaders have reached agreement on the 2011-12 State Budget. Bill language is not yet available, but here is our early information on how funding for early care and learning issues fared:

The Primary Prevention Incentive Program block grant was rejected.

Healthy Families New York home visiting program funding was fully restored at $23, 288

200 COPS was funded at $12, 124, 000 (2010-11 amount: $24,249,500)

The Hoyt Trust fund was funded at $621,000 (2010-11 amount: $1,243,700)

TANF funding for the Nurse-Family Partnership ($2 million) was NOT restored.

Early Intervention (EI): Provider rate reduction of 5%.

Clearance fees will increase from $5 to $25 (other information regarding exemptions or renewals not available at this point).

Advantage AfterSchool: $17.2 M General Fund maintained and $500,000 in TANF funds restored.

CUNY and SUNY Child Care funded at $334,000 (2010-11 amount: $949,000).

Child Care Demonstration Projects funded at $3,395,000 (2010-11 amount: $5,265,000)


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