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Alternative Dispute Resolution Delivers Better Results for Unions, Members

New York, NY – On-the-job injuries have a cascading effect on Union members and their families. Not only must they deal with the trauma of the injury, but they must manage their way through a complex state-run workers’ compensation system and find appropriate medical care while unable to work — which is its own form of trauma. A workplace injury is also difficult and expensive for the contractors who employ Union members, which must backfill open jobs while navigating notoriously slow state workers’ compensation systems.

By contrast, Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, is simpler and more effective. ADR programs are designed to help Unions and their injured members quickly and fairly settle a claim outside the traditional state workers’ compensation system. ADR utilizes an ombudsperson, arbitration, mediation and/or other tactics to expedite and to resolve grievances with lower costs and in a less adversarial manner. Injured union members see issues resolved within days rather than months or years. MagnaCare’s ADR Program provides the injured Union member with the clinical support to manage their injury and obtain the care they need faster. Our staff of care coordinators, nurses, social workers and medical directors communicate with the injured Union member and their treating doctor to ensure that necessary treatment is approved and scheduled in a timely manner, resulting in a quicker return to health and work.

MagnaCare ADR program benefits for Union Members:

• Compassionate service from staff who have over 20 years of experience administering and servicing ADR programs in New York state
• More immediate medical visits
• Concierge-level medical appointment scheduling
• Access to the ombudsperson, who will guide them through the process and advocate on their behalf.
• Simplified informal dispute resolution process
• The knowledge their employer cares about and supports them through their injury
• Prompter return to work and full pay
• Less chance of a long-term time out of work resulting in loss of health and welfare benefits
 MagnaCare ADR program benefits for Union contractors:
• 40% average decrease in workers’ compensation losses
• Decreased legal, investigative, medical & indemnity costs
• Less time out of work for injuries
• Lower E-mod (experience modification rate)
• Lower insurance premiums


Savings from the ADR program also deliver another special advantage − Union contractors can submit less costly bids and win more of them.
MagnaCare is transforming the business and practice of health care. Our management team has been working with Union management to improve the workers’ compensation experience and outcomes for over 30 years. If you’d like to learn more, please contact
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