July 28, 2014
Stephanie West

Washington, DC – This month, members of the Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee (FPRAC) voted on an AFGE proposal to extend to federal hourly workers the same $10.10/hour minimum wage that President Obama has provided for new federal contractors. Although a large majority of both blue and white collar federal employees already make more than this amount, there are some federal workers who make as little as $8-$9 per hour. 

AFGE has two seats on FPRAC – an advisory committee that makes recommendations to OPM and OMB on issues involving the administration of the federal blue collar pay system.  Its votes are recommendations only. Yet that didn’t stop the five management members of FPRAC from voting against the proposal. 

President Cox said that it was shameful so many in the President’s own workforce are forced to work for less than $10.10 – an amount President Obama has described as a minimum living wage—while contractors will be guaranteed at least that amount. The management employees who voted against the proposal are all career executives, representing various federal agencies. All the labor members voted in favor of the AFGE initiative.


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