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1700 New School Members Go On Strike

…the school’s budget. They want a contract with real raises, expanded health coverage, and greater job security, among other demands. Read more at AFL-CIO NYC CLC News, posted, here:…

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RWDSU Releases Holiday Shopping Statement

…of harassment, violence and hate” that are rising as tempers flare on the part of consumers. Read the full story on Teamsters News, posted on November 15, 2022, here:…

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Chipotle Denies Union-Busting Charge

…fast food chain. The company claimed the closure was due to poor performance and not unionization efforts. Read the full story, by Keith Edwards in the Kennebec Journal, at:…

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Tesla Workers Allege Exploitative Work Conditions

…health, safety, and workers’ rights never happened, with the employees receiving false credentials for the training involved instead. Read the full story by Alexandra Villarreal in The Guardian, here:…

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Over 21,000 Union Nurses to Strike

…and job protections against Kaiser’s subcontracting and outsourcing plans. For the full story by the California Nurses Association, posted on November 10, 2022, go here: Photo Cred: National Nurse…

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Organizing Baristas at Starbucks Pay a Price

…Martinez says an organizer at her Phoenix store was fired. Read the full story in CNN Business by Chris Isadore, posted November 2, 2022, at: Photo cred: CNN Business…

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