On this episode of LaborPress’ Blue Collar Buzz Uriel Zelaya-Perez from the Alliance for Fair Food and Oscar Otzoy from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers talk about the upcoming Wendy’s fast; Striking Spectrum workers Ian Aiken and David Lopez reflect on the nearly year-long strike against Charter Communications; and IBEW Local 3 Business Manager Derek Jordan gives his take on events and what might happen next.

Alliance for Fair Food spokesperson Uriel Zelayas-Perez.


10 thoughts on “Latest Buzz: Wendy’s Fast; Spectrum Strikers Reflect on Nearly Year-Long Struggle”

  1. We don’t know who Eff jordan is but we are guessing that your an Ignorant ****!!!!! If you recall, a vote was taken to go out on strike because the company is UNION BUSTING! Their proposals were evil minded!!!! If you disagree with the decision to go on strike then why don’t you take your Ignorant ass back to work for Charter/Spectrum?!!! We are sure that they will certainly take a FOOL like You back! Don’t blame the local #3 membership for fighting for US!!!! Our guess is that YOU voted for trump!!!!

  2. Jordan has made $200k this last year off our backs. How does nobody at jewell ave see it? Invisible just like this strike. Grest job Lance, Erickson, GF clowns…. Zmove on labor buzz its cooked, done….

    1. I believe in freedom of speech and expression but when I see stupidity such as what was posted by “DJ” and “Eff”, something needs to be said. As a member on the negotiating committee, I saw what this company was really all about. I worked for this company when it was MCTV, TWC and Spectrum. To see what is happening (UNION BUSTING) is a damn shame! What is even worse is that whoever the two of you are have the nerve to attack the leadership. A vote to go on strike was taken and approved. The way you both sound makes it seem like everyone should have voted and ratified the company’s proposed contract and went back to work. Where is your Solidarity?!

      1. Lance should have stayed at the table and made a real prposal. Look at what the company proposed on wages…. we have NEVER seen increases like that. Erickson recently offerred a 2 tier system… why didnt he work that instead of strike. This is over and you guys will take it to the poor house… sad, really… at leasr we have elecchester and the bowling alley…

  3. If it wasn’t for the medical coverage provided by the union I would have a hard time paying for my cancer treatments and with what the company is offering I wouldn’t been able to pay for them out of pocket

  4. I find it comical that the union is blaming us for taking a strike vote . Now it’s our fault? That’s cute . No matter what- the union said NO GIVE BACKS last year. Even if the company gave the full JIB/raises yet ripped fica away , we would still be on strike. Anyone remember that strike vote ? The quickest strike vote and kicked out of the hall that night .
    I’d like to see business managers suffer. We bleed you bleed . Should have been stripped of salaries/FIRED . What happened here is historical and it’s a damn shame 1800 families got our lives F***** with . No disciplinary actions and no repercussions?
    On 3-28-17 our worlds turned to Black .
    The dues we pay go towards collective bargaining IN OUR BEST INTEREST. Bargaining was tainted . Seems like crooked officials at the hall were in cahoots with TWC/charter to give Charter the upper hand in negotiations. Time for a class action suit with the U.S. district court -all we need is a high profile lawyer -let’s get our dues back for starters . FBI probe at jewel too. No computers everything under the table. GTFOH. All of a sudden a strong labor union loses all of its power overnight ? Can’t admit local 3 scabs doing our work ? ET division entrusted high ranking local 3 officials to negotiate contracts on our behalf and instead they traded away our trust and 40 Years worth of jobs/benefits , etc. No one gets away with that.Someone has to pay. Everyone is lining their pockets (city/state/union/company) over this strike and mindf@@@@@ ET guys. Lots of hands in charters cookie jar. NYC being pushed into right to work state and no one can stop it . NO ONE.
    L 3 still getting a multi million payout from company after our dues wasted on perverted bargaining!
    Don’t be a f@@@@@ scab

  5. Schism, it’s apparent that you are just a Damn Fool! Damn Shame! Guess you were not at the last vote. It was a Ballot Vote You Idiot and was definitely not quick! FYI, no one is blaming the members for voting to strike, a strike vote was taken and that was the outcome. Anyway, by your stale and inaccurate comments, it appears to me and others who are with me reading your BULL S*%T, that it is a waist of time to continue commenting on your nonsense. Seems that you are also a trump supporter. Good luck with your class action/stupid ass action Schism!

  6. Listen all you haters or should I say weak minded spineless jellyfish you fell right into spectrums propaganda. If it wasn’t for local #3 the second spectrum took over a lot of you were on the street with no representation but because of the union you lasted as long as you did. Just think of what the union has done strike benefit, extention of Medical benefits and a work program while they still continue to fight in the courts for our rights. That’s what a good does for its member your just to blind to see it or just ungreatful ? If this was the Army in time of war I wouldn’t want you to have my back that’s for sure. So stop the drama and waste your time kissing up to your at will employers.

  7. JAD – (Derek Jordon initials backwards? )excuse me , you are the moron. local 3 revealed how weak they really are with this 12 month historic strike . This situation we are placed in is downright evil. Union had one game plan and ONE only …to paralyze NYC with this strike and it didn’t work. I’m no trump supporter dummy!! Where did I state that? I’m a democrat my whole life and even they are not truly in our corner. And I most certainly was at the strike vote meeting . You sound like the idiot …”oh you’re a trump supporter/oh you weren’t at the strike vote”???? Did you even read what you wrote because you sound like a 5 year old .
    No care or concern for us , local 3 could give 2 sh@t$ that some of us have to leave the city , our families , sick parents to find work. Our lives revolve around these jobs and Local3’s job was to protect us and failed miserably. One year longer one year stronger . Wednesday @ 23rd L3 should feel like big time losers. Don’t wish me luck Schm@&$ . Good luck with the appeals. Telling us to wait for the 2020 franchise?Maybe we’ll get our jobs back then, no thanks to L3.

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