Day: May 2, 2012

New York Unions March on May Day

May 2, 2012By Marc Bussanich, LaborPress City Reporter May Day has been celebrated for centuries as a traditional spring holiday, but was invested with political overtones when workers, struggling for the

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4 Tips for Healthy Eating

May 2, 2012By Dr. William A. Gillespie, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, EmblemHealth In keeping with EmblemHealth’s longstanding commitment to the health and well-being of New York’s

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Moving Beyond Stop and Frisk

May 2, 2012By Scott M. Stringer, Manhattan Borough President Recently I stood with Martin Luther King III to call for fundamental reform of the City’s stop and frisk program.  Stop

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Asbestos Dangers

May 2, 2012By Sarah Anderson, CWA Communications Director The past frequency of asbestos exposure in unionized professions such as the CWA, highlights the need to acknowledge this threat; which can

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