CWA Local 1182 Holds April General Meeting

May 15, 2017 
By Silver Krieger

New York, NY - CWA Local 1182 held a general meeting on Saturday, April 22nd. The meeting was chaired and called to order by President of Local 1182, Syed Rahim. Mohammed Shahjahan, Secretary and Treasurer of Local 1182, conducted the meeting.

Peter J. Abbate, Jr., Assemblyman of the 49th District, spoke about a bill, 6468, that would grant peace officer status to traffic enforcement agents. Rahim presented Abbate with an award for his service to the union. Stephen J. Mogila of Pitta, LLP, spoke about a plan that is set up for the members’ retirement fund. Members can have input into their personal investments, and name a beneficiary, all online, at

Rahim spoke about out-of-title jobs, title change, annuities and gain sharing, the inadequate prescription cap, and the Peace Officer bill. He also announced a scholarship for members’ children. Bob Bishop of Pitta Bishop & Del Giorno LLC, and Vito Bishop both spoke about title change. Former President of Local 1182 James Huntley was presented with an award. Concetta Puglisi of Fagenson & Puglisi spoke about solutions for members whose children become involved with drugs. Stuart Lichten of Lichten and Bright spoke about the amendment of by-laws related to the Sanitation Enforcement Agents. Tammy Meadows, Vice President of Local 1182, spoke about 9/11 related diseases. Patrick Hughes, of the WTC Health Clinic said members could get an annual monitoring exam. Christopher Baione of Pitta and Baione, a victim compensation attorney, told members that he can help seek compensation for 9/11 illnesses.

Public Advocate Tish James addressed the crowd, thanking them “for all you do in NYC.” Meadows urged the members to participate on lobby day, May 9th, by rallying for the title change. Lawrence Fagenson, of Fagenson & Puglisi, said to beware of scam phone calls claiming to be from the IRS. Robert Grey of Grey & Grey spoke on assaults, and accidents. Felix Ortiz, Assembly Member from the 51st district, and Assistant Speaker, thanked members for their work, and told them call state senators regarding passage of Bill 6468. Members who had performed heroic action in the line of duty were recognized; retirees were honored with an award and a $200 gift check. Rahim said that all members will get their new raincoat in May. He said to make sure that when a police officer pulls you over for a moving violation, show the PBA card and request a courtesy.


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